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“I had a court appearance this morning and I did something that I don’t usually do. I wrote out what I wanted to say—I wrote it out last night and re-read it this morning. I felt much more confident going into the courtroom knowing that I knew what I wanted to say! And I had my notes with me. One of the things I hate is when I leave the courtroom and think, “I should have said this, and I forgot to say that. Your workshop was my inspiration!”
~ Kate Rockas

"My sales increased 600% since I began using your methods."
~ Gary Casey
501c Agencies Trust

"I was terrified to speak in front of even small groups. Ethan's workshops and one-to-one consultations have helped me focus my ideas and deliver my presentation with clarity and ease."

~ Lee Doyle

"Ethan is a talented and knowledgeable trainer. He is thorough, detail oriented, and very client focused. He relates directly to his audience in an easy, flowing manner. His speaking tips, recommendations, and workshop exercises are both educational and impactful. I recommend Ethan for anyone who needs to develop their public and private speaking skills."

~ Cathy Webber
180 Degree Meetings

"I took an iSpeakEASY workshop to refine my weekly presentation skills. It was an invaluable class and since his workshop, I have felt more comfortable speaking in front of a group, and best of all, I have been able to capture and hold my audience's attention week after week."

~ Medley McClary

"Your workshop helped me to get my new Web site business going. I got 6 new paying clients at my first presentation."

~ Mort Cantor
Great Software Training

Focused Workshops
Improve Your Skills & Techniques

Are you getting the message across every time you speak? These workshops are focused on improving skills and techniques necessary for a successful presentation.

Post workshop support is included a no additional cost and includes limited phone and email support to help you incorporate your new skills.

What Does an Audience Want From a Presentation?
(3 hour Session)

It is easier to hit your target when you can clearly see it. Research shows what audiences want in a presentation and yet less than 20% of speakers deliver this. This interactive session uncovers the “Three Highly Desired Qualities” and the “Five Fatal Flaws” of public speaking.

Effective Use of PowerPoint
(3 hour Session)

PowerPoint is a powerful and effective visual aid when used appropriately. The rest of the time, it is a powerful sleep aid. Learn to use PowerPoint to WOW your audience. A good visual aid enhances your presentation while a poor visual aid or an improperly used visual aid hurts your credibility.

This session covers how to properly design slides, alter pictures, use graphs and charts that get your point across and deliver like a pro.

Improving Credibility and Confidence
(3 hour Session)

Your professionalism is on the line when you make a presentation. Good speaking skills imply you are also good at your work. Audiences love a winner. This workshop offers tools to improve your confidence so your audience will see you as a credible source of information.

Creating Effective Visual Aids
(3 hour Session)

Good visual aids can increase the effectiveness of your presentation. They add to your credibility and make it easier to deliver a good talk. When used poorly, they create distractons and confuse your audience. Learn to use fiip charts, real-life objects, PowerPoint, and other visual aids to enhance your presentation.

Achieving Results You Want
(3 hour Session)

When we speak, we are trying to get the audience to do something different: buy a product or service, change a behavior, or support an idea. How well you do this depends on how well you organize and deliver your talk.

When you speak, do audiences glaze over or do they
overwhelmingly support you?

This workshop teaches how to identify the single message of each talk, outlining the main points, and put it together in a format that is both clear and powerful.

Presenting Details & Technical Information
(3 hour Session)

The devil may be in the detail, but the details can bore an audience to tears. The more you know about your topic, the harder it is to present it clearly.

This workshop focuses on how to identify the message behind the information so you can deliver it in a meaningful manner. We help you focus on what to say as well as what to leave out.

This workshop is most useful to those in professions with many details such as scientists, financial planners, attorneys, and CPAs, and other that must present technical information to a lay audience, prospective client, or governing board.

Making Presentations Over The Phone
(3 hour Session)

Many people love the phone for social purposes yet hate it for business. Your phone is a powerful tool. This workshop emphasizes skills and techniques that will help you improve the quality and success of your conversations. We explore how to prepare, make the call, and follow up as well as techniques to improve your success.

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iSpeakEASY workshops focus on participation and hands-on experiences. Practical exercises are combined with group interaction to ensure you gain new skills that you learn to apply.