Help Your Business Profit From Your Words

iSpeakEASY workshops and individualized coaching help you prosper from your words. Whether you are on a sales call, presenting to a planning committee, motivating your staff, or speaking to a large group, we can help you
• Deliver a presentation that carries a clear message
• Motivate your audience to take new action
• Feel confident and exude credibility

Can your business afford these numbers?

A recent survey showed that audiences feel 82% of presentations are “average to poor”. More than half of speakers agree: they are average at best.

Have you heard the sales pitch from hell that will not end? The person trying to sell you something you have no interest in, or the person that goes so deep into the detail you lose site of what they are talking about?

iSpeakEASY workshops focus on participation and hands-on experiences. Practical exercises are combined with group interaction to ensure you gain new skills that you learn to apply.