Speaking from the Heart

Weddings, bar mitzvahs, eulogies or retirement parties: you are honored with the opportunity to give a tremendous gift—a toast or tribute to someone special.

You have one chance. And speaking from the heart can be difficult. Many of us struggle to express special thoughts and feelings we have about the person or couple we are honoring.

Do you remember the wedding when the Best Man was drunk as he droned on with boring and inappropriate stories, or the retirement speech that went over like a lead balloon? Have you ever sat watching as the speaker sobbed unable to get a word out of their mouth?

Your child’s wedding, friend’s retirement or funeral of a loved one is unique opportunity to show you care.

This coaching session will help you:
  • Deliver an emotional message without getting so lost in the emotion that you are unable to speak at all.
  • Include everything you want to say without leaving something out, or, worse yet, saying the wrong thing.
  • Offer a message of love that sounds extemporaneous and unplanned, yet is smooth, and love filled.
  • Proudly, affectionately, and clearly share your thoughts in a way that will be remembered for a lifetime.

iSpeakEASY offers special wedding packages, allowing the father of the bride, maid of honor, best man, and other wedding party members to work together on speeches from the heart.

iSpeakEASY workshops focus on participation and hands-on experiences. Practical exercises are combined with group interaction to ensure you gain new skills that you learn to apply.