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A large part of networking is speaking – 30 second infomercials, one-to-ones, 10 minute presentations and most importantly, when you are speaking with a prospect.

Are you satisfied with the number of prospects that become clients?

Knowing your product or service is not enough to attract new clients. You must bring prospects to the point where they say “wow, that can help me!” The following services will help you increase the number of referrals you receive and help you turn prospects into clients.

“I received 7 referrals within 3 weeks of my 10-minute presentation”.
~ DJ Colbert, Administrative Assistant,
member of BNI Power Lunch

Get More Referrals From Your Infomercial or “Elevator Speech”*

You can build your business by describing it in 30 seconds if you have a clear message and deliver it well. This workshop teaches you to identify a single message that intrigues your audience and leaves them understanding how they can help your business. The skills learned in this session help you in many other areas of your business.

Get More Referrals From Your 10-minute Presentation*

You should see an increase in business in the week following every presentation. Taking time to plan your talk and using the three highly desired qualities of a good speaker will help you get referrals from your 10-minute. This is one of the most powerful tools you have in a networking group. It is worth your time to take it seriously.

*Offered as Group Workshops & Individualized Coaching Sessions

Ethan Rotman is a former member of BNI—Business Networking International—and has trained hundreds of BNI members in the SF Bay Area.

iSpeakEASY workshops focus on participation and hands-on experiences. Practical exercises are combined with group interaction to ensure you gain new skills that you learn to apply.