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“I am impressed by Ethan’s earnest desire to help others become great presenters. He thoroughly evaluated my presentation style, organization, and visuals and guided me step by step through a thinking process that will benefit me through improved speeches.”
~ Erica Fielder,
Erica Fielder Studio

Individualized Coaching

The ability to communicate well is ranked the #1 key to success in business, politics, and professions. Yet few of us ever make time to improve our speaking skills. Individualized coaching is an effective way to hone your skills. The return on investment is tremendous as you achieve more each time you speak.

Do you:
  • Feel tongue-tied when explaining your business or project?
  • Work with technical information that is hard to explain?
  • Need to motivate or train staff?
  • Dread standing in front of a group of people and speaking?
Would you like to:
  • Be a charismatic leader?
  • Deliver a presentation that carries a clear message about your project?
  • Close more deals?
  • Exude confidence and credibility?
  • Help your audience understand the benefits of your product or service?
  • Use PowerPoint and other visual aids effectively?

Individualized coaching focuses on YOUR needs. We evaluate your style and situation and work with you to fine-tune your presentation skills. This is a focused and efficient program designed for the busy professional.

iSpeakEASY workshops focus on participation and hands-on experiences. Practical exercises are combined with group interaction to ensure you gain new skills that you learn to apply.