Executive Coaching

The way you convey your thoughts and ideas effects your success. In conversations with employees, partners, financiers and others, the more clean and concise you are, the more confidence you exude, the more successful you will be. 7% of communication is what you say. The other 93% seals the deal.

Speaking well earns you money.
Speaking well saves you time.

Executive coaching through iSpeakEASY helps you increase your bottom line by improving your efficiency. We help you achieve equal results in less time, or increase your results in the same amount of time. It is not magic: it is about you using your words, your voice, and your visual aids to help your audiences see how you can help them.

It all comes down to dollars and common sense.

We all know how to speak, that comes from having a mouth. Being able to inspire and motivate the people you talk with to take new action is a learned skill.

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iSpeakEASY workshops focus on participation and hands-on experiences. Practical exercises are combined with group interaction to ensure you gain new skills that you learn to apply.