iSpeakEASY Believes:

Managing, not overcoming, your nervousness is the goal
Nervousness is your friend—it tells you something important is about to happen and keeps you sharp. Speakers that are not nervous may feel confident, yet this does not make them a good speaker.
We help you manage your nervousness to deliver a strong performance.
For confident speakers, we help hone your message and improve your delivery.

Your credibility is enhanced by a strong delivery
Your professional credibility is based, in part, on how your audience perceives your performance.
We teach you to take all aspects of your presentation seriously so you are at your best.

The success of your talk is based on what you are trying to achieve
Speakers often mistakenly assume they do well if:
  • The audience does not throw fruit
  • Their friends say they did a good job
  • They are not as nervous as they thought; or,
  • They believe the audience had fun
Audiences do not throw fruit, your friends will say you did well, nervousness has little to do with success, and unless you are an entertainer, the amount of fun the audience had is largely irrelevant. Success is based on how close you came to achieving your stated goals.
We help you identify your specific objectives and design your presentation to achieve them.

The size of your audience is irrelevant
Often, the most critical presentations we make are to very small audiences.
The techniques we teach work regardless of the size of the audience.

Most people learn best by doing
Participation and practical experience are integral parts of our services. Participants learn from watching and commenting on the work of others as well as from presenting in front of a friendly audience.
We give you multiple opportunities to “do” what you are learning. You leave each session with a product in hand.

A safe, fun, comfortable learning environment helps people succeed
Our services are handled in a supportive, positive atmosphere while being direct and to the point.
We take time to earn your trust.